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More bikini contest make-up tips and a couple of tricks that you might not know about – Part 10

28 August 2012 Posted by: Donna Comments Off on More bikini contest make-up tips and a couple of tricks that you might not know about – Part 10

(This is a transcript of Bikini Warfare – Battle
tactics to dominate the competition) see audio
version below.

Make-up can be your best friend if you know how to
apply it correctly. Some great books to check out that
offer great make-up techniques are “Making Faces” by
Kevin Aucoin and “Basic Face” by Cindy Crawford. It is
also a good idea to make an appointment with a
professional make-up artist to learn more on how to
apply make-up properly and what make-up works well with
your skin type. They can offer the best age
defying make-up too, if need be. If you feel that you are
struggling with your make-up you should consider taking a
basic course in cosmetology or going to a skincare and
beauty workshop to learn more. I learn a lot from
my competitors by asking them questions. I always ask
models who look radiant and their make-up perfect what
make-up products they use. And, here are some brands of
make-up that always come out at the top of the list:

M.A.C. Cosmetics
Cover Girl
Wet & Wild – Lip Glosses and Body Shimmer

I truly believe that the application of the make-up is
most important. As with anything practice makes
perfect and shopping around to find the make-up
products that work best for you and that are in
your budget is the best way to go. I’ve found that the
less expensive make-up can work just as fine as the
more expensive brands if you know how to apply it correctly.

Also keep in mind that make-up is not only for
your face. If you have freckles, bruises, veins,
scars or tattoos that you want to cover for
competition you should invest in body make-up. Most major
department stores sell what’s called Dermablend. This
make-up works wonders in concealing many skin
imperfections. They have a regular line of cosmetics as
well as Dermablend Leg & Body. Get yourself a
tube of it… you never know when you’ll need to
cover a bruise in a hurry.

Okay, I’d like to begin talking about getting
prepared for competition. You’ve worked your body to
look great in that perfect bikini, you have
competition shoes that you feel comfortable walking
and turning in, and you have a nice glowing
natural tan, You’re ready right? Not so fast…the
things that I am about to reveal to you are
very important so listen closely.

I would suggest putting together what I call a
competition bag. This can be a nice sized
duffle bag or hand bag. Here are the most
important things you should have in this
bag at all times. I’d suggest getting most
of these items in small trial size containers and
taking a permanent marker and writing your initials
on everything.

1. Competition Swimwear – Bring two suits – you always
want to have one as a back-up.
2. Competition Shoes – Clear Heels
3. Mirror
4. Hair Products – Brush, Hair Spray, Hair Clip, Pony-tail Holder
5. Body Lotion – Let me talk about this one for a minute.
Never wear oil (it’s not pretty to look slicked down and
sweaty like you are entering a wrestling match) only
use oil unless it is cream-based. I love Johnson’s
Creamy Baby Oil – this gives the skin a beautiful
sheen. That’s all you need. This takes a little longer to
apply, but it works beautifully.

Bikini Warfare – Audio 7

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