Bikini modeling becomes a hobby for this busy mom and health and fitness enthusiast.

All-American beauty, national athlete and model, Donna Kiel, has competed in bikini pageants for more than a decade and says “she’s still hooked on competing.” Donna likes setting goals that motivate her to stay fit, remain young at heart, and living a healthy lifestyle. She says, “There’s no need to hang up your bikini just because you’re a mom and you’re getting older, you just have to work harder.”

Born in Hollywood, Florida and raised in Baltimore, Maryland Donna found her first true passion to be "track & field." She began running at a very young age and qualified for the National Junior Olympics. Donna continued to compete in track and field locally and nationally throughout her high school and college years.

Donna's involvement in swimsuit modeling began in Aruba during her honeymoon when she entered and won her first bikini competition. A few more years passed before Donna continued to pursue her modeling career.

In 2001, Donna entered into the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant system and traveled the east coast competing in many pageants and bikini contests. It wasn't until after God blessed Donna with the birth of her son in 2002 that her most memorable and special achievement in modeling occurred. In 2003 Donna was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic Delaware and traveled to Hawaii with her husband and 11 month old son to compete in the nationally televised Miss Hawaiian Tropic United States Finals. Although Donna did not place among the top standings while at the Nationals, it was a very empowering and wonderful experience for Donna to embrace and enjoy every moment of new-motherhood and her modeling career simultaneously.

In addition to modeling, Donna’s background involves several years of experience working as an executive assistant for various types of industries such as healthcare, finance, research and development, and health and beauty supplies.

Donna’s love for helping others has brought her to her latest endeavor, becoming a pageant consultant and self-published author of “Bikini Warfare–Battle Tactics to Dominate the Competition.” Donna has compiled all of her secrets and strategies to having the winning edge in bikini pageants into an audio course. She developed this course to help new aspiring models have the knowledge at hand that took her years to discover.

Health and fitness is one of Donna’s greatest interests. She promotes living a healthy lifestyle and is currently writing a fitness book. This book will include topics such as physical training, proper nutrition, healthy recipes, fitness programs for busy moms, and so much more.

Donna’s physical training includes approximately 6-8 hours per week combining resistance training and cardiovascular training. She strongly believes in adhering to a balanced diet and proper portion control. Donna’s favorite work-out includes belting out a few push-ups, triceps dips, pull-ups, and squats all while watching her son play. Donna’s best encouragement comes from her 7 year old son, “come on mommy, you can do it!”

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