"Warning! Don't Read this if You Can't Commit to 40 Minutes a Week to Get the Bikini Body You Always Wanted, But Thought You Could Never Get"

"I don't know about you, but I don't have time to fix six meals a day or spend hours at the Gym a week like the so called experts say you should do, I just follow these simple strategies and the pictures tell the rest"

Dear Friend,

Just like you I bought into the exercise and diet books of the month, and the exercise gadgets on TV. And just like you, the books are booked marked on page ten never to be touched again, and the exercise gadgets are nothing more than glorified clothes hangers or worse, wind up in a yard sale for a few bucks. As far as the so called magic fat burner pills, well let's just say, "THEY NEVER REELED ME IN. " I simply don't believe they are a solution.

Hello my name's Donna Kiel, my story is no different than a lot of yours. I have a wonderful son who keeps me very busy, I work a job, two jobs actually, and I have a husband who I love dearly, but demands all of my attention to him and on top of all this I like to set goals whether running a race or doing a bikini pageant when I can fit it in.

And since we are talking about goals, let me share with you some achievements I've made over the years and let me tell you something, most of these were accomplished in my mid-thirties and starting forty.

This goes to show you that you can get fit and gain significant health benefits from eating properly and exercising at any age.

2009 International Bikini Team-United States Finals Overall Winner
2009 International Bikini Team-Miss Baltimore, Maryland
2007 Ujena Swimwear Bikini Jam-Bikini Body Fitness Image Award
2007 Mid Atlantic Ujena Swimwear Model Search - Winner
2005 Miss Hawaiian Tropic-East Coast Nationals Most Physically Fit
2004 Miss Hawaiian Tropic-East Coast Nationals Most Physically Fit
2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic United States Finals-Miss Delaware

It's easy maintaining your shape in your teens and twenties, but it's another thing when you hit your late thirties and early forties and try to get in shape. I want you to know that I'm not some twenty-one year-old bubbly fitness instructor who is going to tell the middle-aged mom how to get in shape. I'm with you and I understand your issues and that's why I wrote this guide.

But enough about me, let's get on with the show and start improving your life...

"This is me with Bob Anderson,
Founder Ujena Swimwear and
Runners World Magazine, after
winning the 2007 Bikini Jam 5K Run
(first model to cross the finish line)
in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico"

Now my goals might not fit your desires, but you get the picture, and it all boils down to one thing.

Life get's busy.

And when life gets busy, unfortunately, eating right and exercising fall dead last on the list of priorities. So what is it that us insanely busy people can do to to lose weight and get in shape? Sometimes it's the simple things that work best. Do you realize you can lose up to 10 pounds in a year if all you did was replace your so called "diet soft drink" with water and a little splash of lemon.

These little insights led me to do more research about what it takes to stay fit without spending a lot of time and money trying to do it. I also had to add exercise to my plan to make sure that I get all the health benefits to live a more fruitful and productive lifestyle.

But what I found really got me frustrated...

Do you know what drives me nuts when it comes to all these
health gurus

Reading all these health and fitness books led me to believe one thing. That all these authors seem to live in La La Land.

Most of these authors are rich, spend all day in the gym, have the nanny watching their kids if they even have kids, have personal chefs or nutritionists preparing meals, don't work because they either have rich spouses or make a great living selling health and nutrition books.

You get the idea.

These people are the exception, not the average person trying to etch out a living and raise a family.

Don't get me wrong, the advice they give is very good at times, but I think it benefits the type of person who is the exception to the rule. The type of person who has the time and energy to put in what it takes to make it happen. For instance, here is some of the advice...

Prepare six small meals a day
Eat organic foods
Exercise 1 hour a day

and these are some of the things they tell you.

Here's my reality and tell me if this rings a bell...

Prepare six meals a day- And they have the balls to tell you to do it on the weekend so you are prepared for the whole week. Let me see, I work all week and on my days off I'm supposed to spend all day in the kitchen and prepare meals for the week ...


It's bad enough that I have a hard time getting in three meals a day not to mention six meals in a day but cook all day long on a Sunday as well. It's a nice thought, but lets come back down to reality. My weekends already go by in a blink and I'm sure not going to spend it in the kitchen.

Eat organic foods- This is one of my pet peeves. The gurus tell you to eat organic foods. Although this is a great idea, have you ever priced organic foods? Let me give you the short of it...It's expensive! and not to mention time consuming. Not all grocery stores carry a wide variety of organic foods. Do you really have time to drive all over the place to pick and choose different organic foods. I don't. Plus, there is no evidence that organic foods are better then conventional foods to begin with.

Exercise 1 hour a day- At first glance this might not seem like much. I mean really, 1 hour out of your day isn't going to kill you is it? But the question is, do you really need to workout an hour? Can you get the same health benefits in 15 minutes a day? I bet you can.

Finally a quick start guide that the "average" busy person can do in only fifteen minutes a day and still have time for work, family, and play.

Here is a a taste of what you will get in this guide...

Follow my 3 step formula to get anybody ready to make a change in a matter of minutes.

7 motivational techniques that will get the most insanely busy off their butts...this means YOU!

Bad foods vs. Good foods explained. There's no need to read endless books on healthy eating when you get the 5 page blowout in this guide.

Having a hard time eating right when others in your family don't seem to care. Follow these tips and safe guard against the bad eaters in your family or better yet, make it a family affair.

Bad fats and healthy fats simplified! This quick little breakdown gives you the true story behind "bad foods."

The healthy-foods checklist at your finger tips! This section takes out all the guess work on what you should be eating.

Can't stand drinking water, these tips will spice up your drink and have your taste buds wanting more.

Avoid the pitfalls of Portion Distortion! This is killing America and how we are losing the battle of the bulge. These tips will help you win the fight to be lean.

Follow these 20 non-exercise health tips and you will be dropping the weight without even trying.

Quick and easy meal plans for the insanely busy. These meal plans are perfect for those who are on the run.

Tired when you get home and don't want to make an elaborate meal? This "cooking method " is my secret weapon that the whole family will enjoy.

Afraid of dining out? These 9 tips will protect you from restaurants tactics to making you fat.

and this is just a sample.

One thing you'll learn is that this guide is easy to read and it's written for the average person to understand. It's not a long read because it's not full of fluff and technical jargon. This is a concise guide that will help you reach your goals quickly and easily.

Eating right is only part of the equation. Staying fit and exercising is the other piece of the puzzle. One thing you'll learn is that both go hand and hand. One cannot exist without the other if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is that exercise doesn't have to be the end of the world and it doesn't need to be like torture.

Here's a tip for you...

Start small. If you haven't exercised before start by walking. Go to your local library and see what type of exercises DVD's they have and start with those. The whole idea is to do something and do something that gets you excited. You don't have to bust out of the gate doing an hour a day of exercising.

This is just plain wrong...

Not only will you hurt yourself, but you will lose all motivation.

Have you ever noticed that there are endless exercise routines being advertised on TV that have you doing all kinds of crazy things? There's dance dvds, exercise with resistance bands, poles, balls, and anything you can possibly put into your hands.

Do you know why all these gimmicks work ?

Because they get you moving and hopefully get you motivated to do something. Realistically, you don't need any of this stuff. Walking, running, exercising with your own body weight does not cost you a dime.

Here is more of what you'll read in my guide...

My 40 minute a week total body workout for the insanely busy ...it doesn't get any easier then this. Remember, start small!

Are you a busy Mom? Have I got the workout for you. My 7 tips that will guide you to a perfect hot mom body. I'll also throw in my secret site with routines.

10 strategies that will have you exercising without you even noticing you are doing anything. These are techniques that you can do throughout the day and you won't even skip a beat in your daily activities.

Exercising at work for the insanely busy! You can do these workouts and your boss won't know a thing.

Travel Warriors...you are covered with these savvy travel exercising tips.

Think you need to go to the gym, think again. These workouts will get the job done at home.

TIP: The insanely busy don't have time for the gym. Why? because you can eat up a lot of time traveling back and forth to the gym and not to mention waiting for machines and people who are there to socialize and suck up your time and energy. Leave these time vampires at the gym and get it done!

It doesn't take a lot of equipment or money to get started. You'll get my list of simple, yet effective, equipment that you can pack away in a suitcase.

20 health tips to live by....put these in a place that will motivate you daily and you can't go wrong.

I just gave you some of the highlights that are jammed packed in this guide.

So here you have it, my no nonsense approach to health and fitness. I thought about how much I should charge for this knowledge that basically took me years to finally realize and put into a easy-to-read knowledgeable resource.

So I decided to charge a measly $9.97

Why? for one thing, it's a digital product and there are no books to print and no delivery costs so I'm passing that savings on to you. Secondly, I Think $9.97 is a drop in the bucket considering the life change that it can bring to anyone who puts the information to use.

Actually, this guide will save you far more money if you follow the advice that is simply stated within it's pages. It's not rocket science and all the techniques and workouts are easy to apply.

This guide won't make me rich by any means and that's not the intent, but it will enrich your life forever.

But for those who are still on the edge of the fence and wondering if you should put down your hard earned cash, I'm going to sweeten the pot even more...

For those that act now...I'm throwing in these bonuses.

You'll get all this, if you order in the next 24 hours..."

Bonus 1: Diets for the Summer Hot Sheet

In this report you will get loaded up with all the diets tips that you will need to get ready for that summer swimsuit body. This report includes special cool and refreshing eat right plans to make your summer enjoyable without killing yourself over hardcore diets. This is a must read for those getting ready for summer.

Bonus 2: Eating Healthy Hot Sheet

In this report we cover all aspects of eating healthy... for example.
- Healthy eating for pregnancy
- during exams
- at work
- dining out
- under stress
- for a better heart
- for traveling
- for teenagers
- over sixty
- for infants

This is just a little sampling of what's in this report. Eating healthy is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. This is a must read for those who want to have it all when it comes to get the body you WANT.

Bonus 3: Living a Healthy Lifestyle Hot Sheet

Here is more tips and strategies to enhance your healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the topics we will cover in this short and concise report.

- Health benefits of seafood
- Is Organic food really good for you?
- Manage stress for a healthy lifestyle
- Exercise even if you don't have much time
- Beat obesity with a healthy lifestyle
- Simple basic diet tips
- Good Oral Hygiene - the way to healthy living

Bonus #4- 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes

This one says it all. For those looking for those high protein low carbohydrate food plans, this is what you've been looking for.

"All this for Only $9.97 "

And here is one more incentive. If you don't like it for any reason within the next 90 days, I will refund your money with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Think about it...

For only ten bucks you can get in shape without spending a fortune on gym memberships and expensive equipment. You'll even learn some tricks to save on food and time spent on creating that new body.

Remember this...

Exercise and eating right doesn't need to be a nightmare. You do what you can when you first start out. You take baby steps. You don't start running a marathon when you've been sitting on the couch for years.

Your first step is to buy this guide and that's all you need to do and the rest will come in time.

To your success,

Donna Kiel

P.S. You need to make the first step and I want to be there when you do. Order this guide today to make your life happy, healthy, and fit tomorrow. Don't Delay Order now!

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